Consignment FAQs


What kind of items does Ballantyne Brides accept? 

We accept designer overstock, new, gently used designer wedding gowns (4 years old or newer). And accessories such as veils, hairpieces, tiaras, petticoats, and modern/vintage jewelry.

My dress is older than 4 years, will you accept it?

We are always happy to take a look at all gowns. Some styles are timeless but due to quickly changing bridal fashions, we typically do not accept dresses older than 4 years old.

What kind of condition should my gown be in?

- Must be freshly cleaned since the wedding, no stains, rips, dirty hems, odors, or damage of any kind

- On a hanger (and in garment bag if it came with one)

 - Gowns will be taken out of preservation boxes and wrapping for inspection.

How do your care for your gowns at Ballantyne Brides?

We understand that the items you consign are special and take every care possible to make sure they stay in the same condition as they came to us. Under our care we keep the gowns in protective clear garment bags, help our brides in and out of the gowns, and ask that they do not wear base make-up or lipstick when trying on the gowns. However, Ballantyne Brides, along with anyone they work with, is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

Can I mail you my dress?

No. Unsolicited gowns are not accepted and will be returned to sender. We need to see the gowns in person with the consignor present.

I own a bridal boutique, do you only own pre-loved gowns?

While many of our dresses are pre-loved gowns from recent brides we do have a large selection of designer samples that have been consigned to us from bridal boutiques throughout the New England area. If you own a bridal boutique and are interested in consigning your overstock, click here to contact us.

What happens to items that don't sell? 

If your items have not sold, it is the consignor’s responsibility to call before the end of the consignment period in order for us to pull it from the selling floor. Once pulled from the selling floor, consignors have thirty (30) days to pick up their unsold item.

Any unsold item(s) that have not been picked up by the last day of the contract period will automatically become the property of Ballantyne Brides and are no longer available for pickup. These items may be donated to charity, liquidated, or continue to sell in the store. If you do not wish your items to become store property, it is your responsibility to call to pick item up.

Who sets the prices?

We want to make sure our prices are fair for our consignors and also our brides. Prices are set by Ballantyne Brides with advisement from the consignor.  Our gowns are priced at least 50% off of retail prices.

How will I be notified that my dress or item has sold?

Consignors will be notified by phone or email that their item has sold and their check is available for pick up the month following the sale.

How do I get my check?

Consignors are welcome to make an appointment to pick up their check.Checks in the amount of $100 and over can be mailed. 

What if I want to pick up my items? 

You may pick up your dress at anytime, please give shop 3 day notice prior to removing it from the store.